Prize Pounce Objective

Prize Pounce Levels are the easiest and least common type of level in Kitty Pawp. The first Prize Pounce Level is introduced on Level 7 in the Grassy Fields world. They appear once every 10 levels (7, 17, 27, etc...)

Objective Edit

The goal in Prize Pounce Levels is to earn enough points to collect all the prizes before time runs out. You only have to earn enough points to collect the first prize, in order to complete the level. The other two chests contain bonus prizes, for if you're able to collect all three.

Players are given an unlimited amount of bubbles to complete the level, but must do so before the timer runs out. The top right corner displays how much time is left.

Tutorial Edit

The tutorial on Level 7 teaches you how to complete Prize Pounce Levels:

Main Tutorial Sub Tutorial
Level 7 - Main Tutorial
Level 7 - Sub-Tutorial

Chests Edit

There are three different chests to collect:

Wooden Chest Silver Chest Golden Chest
Wooden Chest
Silver Chest
Gold Chest
  • The Wooden Chest is the easiest to earn and requires the least amount of points
  • The Silver Chest is a little harder to earn and requires a good amount of points
  • The Golden Chest is the most difficult to earn and requires a large number of points