Cat Trap Objective

Cat Trap Levels are the second most common type of level in Kitty Pawp. The first Cat Trap Level is introduced on Level 10 in the Grassy Fields world. They appear once every 5 levels (10, 15, 20, etc...)

Objective Edit

The goal in Cat Trap Levels is to pop all of the bubbles without letting them touch the dotted white line. Numbers on each side countdown to display how many shots can be taken before a new row is added. Once the counter reaches zero, a new row of bubbles is added to the top, then the counter resets back to it's original value.

Players are given a limited amount of bubbles to complete the level. The top right corner displays how many bubbles are left to pop.

Tutorial Edit

The tutorial on Level 10 teaches you how to complete Cat Trap Levels:

Main Tutorial Sub Tutorial
Level 10 - Main Tutorial
Level 10 - Sub-Tutorial