The Bubble Counter, represented by the cardboard box, shows how many bubbles are given to complete a level. Each shot that is taken will reduce the Bubble Counter by one. It also displays the next bubble color available. Tapping the Bubble Counter will allow the player to swap their bubble with the one in the box.

Prize Pounce Levels are the only type of objective where the player receives an unlimited number of bubbles.

Limited Bubbles Unlimited Bubbles
Limited Bubbles
Unlimited Bubbles

Shooting Bubbles Edit

A successful shot is when the player:

  • Matches at least three or more bubbles of the same color
  • Uses a booster
  • Drops or pops and obstacle

Players earn 25 points for each bubble that is matched. Points earned per bubble increases by +25 points with each consecutive shot that is made.

An unsuccessful shot is when the player:

  • Does not make any match

Losing a consecutive shooting streak will start the player back at earning 25 points for each bubble that is matched.

Getting More Bubbles Edit

There are a few ways for players to get more bubbles in a level:

  • Extra Bubbles Booster - Starts the player off with +5 extra bubbles and can be purchased before entering Tricky Treat Levels
  • Second Chance - Players are given the option to buy +5 additional bubbles, if they run out of bubbles
  • Rewarded Video Ads - Players are also given the option to watch a video for +2 additional bubbles, if they run out of bubbles. This option is only periodically seen, and is not always available.