Booster Bubbles are helpful items in Kitty Pawp that can make levels easier to complete.

Main Boosters Edit

Main Boosters are found at the bottom of the screen, after entering any level.

Image Name Unlocks Description
Rainbow Booster
Rainbow Booster Level 8 Matches with any bubble color it touches
Cat Scratch Booster
Cat Scratch Booster Level 16 Clears an entire row of bubbles it touches
Squirrel Booster
Squirrel Booster Level 18 Clears a large V-shaped area of bubbles

Bonus Boosters Edit

Bonus Booster are found on the level entrance screens, before entering any level:

Image Name Unlocks Levels Description
Laser Booster
Laser Booster Level 14 All Levels Increases your aiming line to show exactly where your bubble will land when shot
Extra Bubbles Booster
Extra Bubbles Booster Level 14 Only Tricky Treat Levels Starts the level by giving players +5 extra bubbles
Row Delay Booster
Row Delay Booster Level 14 Only Cat Trap Levels Starts the level by increasing the trap counter by +1 for the entire level